4 easy tips for great skin

Who said having great skin was hard?

In the past, I never appreciated my skin, but now I realise that looking after my skin provides me so much more confidence, and a higher level of self-esteem.  Using good quality product on my skin also helps me to know what foods I react to and gives me some insights into my nutritional health.

So I found a great skincare line that makes my skin look and feel amazing, ticks my boxes in terms of ingredients, and was easy to add into my already hectic routine!

If you are like me than looking after your skin can be a love-hate relationship, especially at night time! When I started my new routine, I found 4 easy ways to make sure I put my skin first, as Linden Tyler said ‘invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a very long time!’

You probably are thinking, that’s easy for someone to say, but prove it!

So, here are my 4 tips:

1. Knowing what your skin needs is essential

Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, blemish prone skin, mature skin or men’s skin, there is a skincare regime that will provide the right skin nourishment and support for that particular skin type. 

One thing I have learnt is that when trying any skincare, you need to make sure you do the regime for a full 3-4 weeks, as this is how long it takes for your skin-cells to turnover. This means you may not notice too many differences immediately. Your skin will (in most cases) breakout in the first 2-3 weeks of changing any skincare regime as it purges. This is normal and not necessarily your skin “reacting” to the skincare.

2. Be prepared

This is the easy part! I put my cleanser in the shower and wash my face in the shower. My other bottles sit next to my basin in the order they are going on my face and in less than two minutes – I am done!

When you don’t have to think, it’s amazing how much faster you can do things! At night it is the same, with one switch of product – my day moisturiser to my night cream – still in the order, and still less than two minutes!

3. Do your night-time routine at the right time

You are probably thinking, there is a ‘right time’ to do my night-time routine? Well yes, did you know that if you wash your face before 8pm, you are more likely to do it? Crazy eh! So what do I do? Well, my girls are young, so while they are having their night time bath before bed I can wash my face and get it ready for bed at the same time, I mean, we are in the bathroom!

But what happens when you have a night out? Or you have older children?

Good question! Most people would just go to bed with their make-up on, and to be honest, depending on how much wine I have had, this is me… But did you know your skin ages approximately 7x faster when you don’t take your make-up off? 

Enter KISS – keep it simple stupid! Break it down into simple steps: cleanse, put on serum, then add your night cream and boom you are done! Or use compostable cleansing wipes to make it even easier for nights like those!

4. Make sure your skincare is working for you!

And lastly, you are more likely to continue looking after your skin if you can see it working for you so it is always a good idea to take before and after photos, this way you can keep an eye on how your skin is changing and make any changes to your regime after the month trial. I know that my skin has completely calmed down, evened out, I barely get breakouts and I love the feel of it – so for me, my routine is fabulous!

Skincare is so important and doesn’t need to be hard or take lots of time to do. It can be hard going through the 28 day cycle (especially the breaking out part), but when you find something that works, it will be easy to keep going and hopefully, when you put my tips into play, it becomes even easier to keep at it!

Remember; ‘motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going’, so join me in creating some great healthy habits!

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Published by Catriona Brimble

A mum of twins on a journey to creating a healthier, more productive life full of adventure, fun and laughter!

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