Only got 5 mins for make-up?

Then check out these easy steps to fabulousness!

One thing I constantly find when talking to people is that time in the mornings is very precious. There is not a lot of time for some of the fun things in life, like make-up.  Everyone wants make-up for the day that is easy, quick to do but more importantly makes you look and feel great!

And I am happy to report, it is definitely possible and you only need 7 products (or less) to get a great result…

So what does the 5-minute face include?

These are my key steps to looking great fast:

  1. Cover and conceal
  2. Give some glow
  3. Set to forget
  4. Lash up and frame your face
  5. Finish with pop

Some of you may be thinking, what is she going on about!

Read to find out just how easy it is… and if you need more convincing, check out my before and after pics below!

1. Cover and Conceal

It’s all about that base, right…? So, for my everyday look, I use a CC cream, I love mine because it is so light to wear, evens out my skin tone, makes my skin radiant and actually helps to nourish and hydrate it during the day.

Now, if you are like me then when you wake up in the morning (after a few sleep interruptions from kidlets) you may have some dark circles, or redness issues you want to cover up. A concealer does just what it says (funny that) – and if you want an amazing concealer brush, hit me up because mine is AHHHMAZING! Talk about air-brushing at home!

2. Give some glow

I love to add some colour so I look fresh faced, or lightly contour my face.  In the winter I tend to go for a blush, and in the summer a bronzer, but do whatever works for you. Sweep blush across your cheekbones for a natural flush look, or bronze just under your cheekbones for a sculptured summer look.

3. Set to Forget

I always use a setting powder. This makes my make-up last and gets rid of any unwanted shine if your skin is prone to that.  Plus, the one I use is translucent so can be used on any skin tone and has a little shimmer (only visible in certain lights) to it, which helps to add to its lushness!

4. Lash up & frame your face

Yes, get your mascara out and sweep those lashes till they shout! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t at least use Mascara and my only advice for you is please don’t use water resistant ones. They tend to dry out your lashes which then makes them break and fall out – there is plenty of time for hair to fall out so keep them while you can!

One thing many people forget to look after are eyebrows! They frame your face so whether you need to get them trimmed up or filled in, make sure you deal with them. There are many options, but personally I like to use a brow pencil – you can do little hair strokes and they look very natural! It doesn’t matter too much what kind of product you use, just make sure you use one. Eyebrows finish your face off, just like a pair of shoes finish an outfit.

5. Finish with pop!

To finish it all off, add some colour to your lips.  Whether you are a lipstick or lip gloss girl (or guy), adding a touch of colour gives you that polished look and you are ready for your day

Don’t believe how easy and quick this is, then check these out…

From fresh faced to ready to go in under 5 mins!

So now you know how easy it is and how good you can look!

Comment below if you have questions…

Or just know someone who could benefit from this?

Feel free to share!

Published by Catriona Brimble

A mum of twins on a journey to creating a healthier, more productive life full of adventure, fun and laughter!

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