4 things I have learned from Stretching

Do you wake up with a tight back?

For the past few months I have and then I read that stretching before bed and just after waking is really good for you, not to mention during the day, especially if you are sitting for most of it.

So, I got some basic stretches and started doing them in the morning and at night, and the impact it had on my body was almost instantaneous!

So here are 4 things that I learned from stretching

#1 – My mind likes the break

Stretching helps to calm my mind, it helps with relieving my stress and improves my mood!

When you stretch, you tend to focus on the physical act, the holding of the stretch instead of everything else around you. And, if you are brave enough (or have better balance than me) you can take it a step further and add in some mindfulness. This helps to give your mind a mental break from everything else going on around you.

Stretching also helps to relieve the stress in our lives too because as we stress, whether physical or mental, our muscles tense up, so when you do give your body a good stretch out, your muscles have the chance to relax.

And finally stretching can improve your mood. How? Well given that you have helped your mind to calm, and your muscles to relax, stretching also increases your blood circulation to your brain which actually boost your energy levels and mental alertness.

#2 – I can move more easily

It may seem obvious, but stretching increases your flexibility which makes it easier to do all your daily chores not to mention it increases your range of motion as well. Plus it reduces the risk of getting torn muscles and helps our bodies when we do get pulled or stiff muscles

Which leads to…

#3 – Getting out of bed can be pain free

Yes! Stretching can help with back pain (well it does for me, but see your Dr if you have issues first!). As you tense up, you start to experience a reduced range of motion, this in turn increases the likelihood of muscle strains, especially in our backs. Regular stretching can help to strengthen these muscles which aids in the prevention of back tightness and injuries.

#4 – My posture needs attention

So as I got into my daily stretching I realised that my posture is really bad, I mean I hunch which is probably from having a big bust plus a weak core and back. So by stretching and strengthening the muscles in your back and core specifically, you can, not only prevent injury but you can also encourage proper alignment which can help your posture.

We often hear that our physical state directly affects our mental state and I know what they mean. The next time you stand up tall, shoulders back, head up and smile, make a note of how you feel and try to keep that feeling with you all day!

Remember, talk to your personal trainer about stretches that are right for you, or your Doctor before starting any stretching regime and make sure you know how to do them properly.  If you want to know what I use, contact me and I will send you the PDF’s of the ones I found for doing before bed and after waking in the morning should you want to give them a try.

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Published by Catriona Brimble

A mum of twins on a journey to creating a healthier, more productive life full of adventure, fun and laughter!

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