Hi, I am Catriona, your Skinfidence coach!

I am here to help you be more confident in your own skin so you can live life on your own terms!

What do I do?

By fusing mindset strategies with nutrition and practical tools for thriving in life, I help clients identify their true purpose, create new habits and build a future plan so they can make meaningful changes to lead more confident and happier lives. 

My Mission

To help professional mums who have experienced post natal depression, overcome cancer or who are simply looking to improve confidence and energy in the way they treat themselves, their habits, their appearance, and how they behave.

I want all women to feel confident in themselves and have more energy so that they can show up and be more successful in all parts of life – depending on what success means to them

My Back Story

I am a wife and mum of twins who was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression (or Post Partum Depression), I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted in life, that I wasn’t truly living, just following the motions and since then, have worked to create a positive environment for my family to prosper in.

More recently I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which again has tested my confidence and it is here that I realise how important being confident in your mindset and your own skin is. As I didn’t know much about the cancer journey, I decided to document my journey on social media, the good times, the bad and all the in-betweens so feel free to check it out via the links below.

I truly believe that if you are reading this and can relate to wanting to improve your own confidence and happiness, then you should get in touch to see if what I can offer you through coaching, is right for you.

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